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Bulli Antique Motorcycle Weekend was virtual for 2020; Blat Pack joined in with some awesome news for enthusiasts!

2018 HSRCA Tasman Festival - Brabham to F5000 at Sydney Motorsports Park.
Blat Pack stepped back in time for a glimpse of what it must have been like in the day.

The 2018 Wings Wheels and Wine show, held at the Mudgee airfield. Organised by Mudgee Aero Club in conjunction with Paul Bennets Airshows. Bringing together exotic cars, bikes and aircraft ….. and wine!

The Mark 5 maybe? an LMP car? Whatever it is its flat all the way to Skyline! Strap in and hang on as Blat Packs latest clip brings you up close and personal with one of the most exciting race series in Australia!

Blat Pack are at Wakefield Park Raceway – for the 2018 Spring Festival put on by the HSRCA, we took the opportunity to look at how you could get involved in motorsports.

2018 International Festival of Speed
From the 22nd to 25th March, Blat Pack were at Sydney Motorsport Park, running a trade stall at the 2018 edition of the International Festival of Speed. It’s a cracking event, put on by the Post Classic Racing Association of NSW.

AMCA Australia, Bulli 2019. Some of the best antique and historic motorcycles in Australia were on display. In it's 3rd year, the event's star attraction was Jack Ehret's 1951 Vincent Black Lightning.

Blat Pack are at Sydney Motorsports – for the CMC Shannons Sydney Classic, given this opportunity we decided to showcase some of the clubs in attendance and find out a little bit more about them.

In 2018 we will capture the feel and talk to some of the characters we find at the events and exhibitions we attend. As a teaser this is some of what we found at the inaugural V8 Supercars round in Newcastle at the end of last year. We hope you enjoy!

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