Alan Wood - A Classic Racer

In the Blat Pack blogs, we have endeavoured to showcase some of the great motoring events that we have been fortunate enough to attend. What we have discovered through our attendance is that it is the people involved in them that make these events

2017 Sydney Motorcycle Show

I left late and hit traffic on the M5, finally arriving at Darling Harbour at 1230, which leaves me just 2hrs to do the whole shebang and be back on the road with any chance of getting home in time for dinner. No worries I think to myself, it'll be

Australian Moto GP 2017

You beauty!! "BooM" (glitter bomb, glitter bomb)Blat Pack has taken its first step in getting up and running with the opening of our website. This has come off the back of an awesome weekend down at the Island for the 2017 MotoGP.While there, we got

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