We are bikers, motorsports enthusiasts, participants and dreamers that celebrate and promote the style and attributes of our old school motoring icons.
We are part of what we believe is a truly life affirming tribe. At the heart of this tribe is the ubiquitous love of going for a Blat!
The Blat is the shared mateship, the thrill, the satisfaction, the focus, the track day, the test session, the journey and the re-telling of stories at the destination; with the destination being just a pause until the next Blat!

Orignal take on the Gold Leaf Lotus

Whether you are a hipster with a love for an SR 500 café racer, a rockabilly with a Rat Rod, a gentleman historic racer, an enthusiast with a classic car or bike, or an up and coming racer in junior formula – it is the love of the Blat that unites us.

We seek to provide a fresh range of apparel and lifestyle items that will connect you to your passion and your tribe even when you can’t take part.
Here at the Pack, by drawing on the inspiration of the cool soul of famous marks, the brilliant engineers and the iconic peddlers, we seek to celebrate what unites us. It is this cool soul that permeates through from a time of unscripted larger than life characters, of design perfection and unflinching heroism that serves as the core style we seek to imbue within our line of products.
Additionally it is the soul of this site that seeks to encourage likeminded fellow travelers and lovers of the Blat in discovering, re-discovering and celebrating these icons into the future, together, through shared experience.

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Orignal take on the Panther Poster

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